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These optional services enhance your organization's security and compliance program. We deliver professional consulting services using experienced experts. Our cost effective services free up your resources, allowing you to focus on your core business.

AuditLocker includes valuable services that will further increase your security maturity and capability:

  • Operationalization of all PCI controls, customized to your organization and validation type
  • Task tracking, audit evidence review, and annual comprehensive PCI report
  • Annual PCI Internal/External Penetration Test ($3,000 - $7,000 value)
  • Annual PCI Risk Assessment ($2,400 value)
  • Unlimited access to InfoSecure’s PCI DSS security awareness training program ($590 value)
  • InfoSecure’s PCI Policy Toolkit ($475 value)
  • Quarterly external vulnerability scanning and reporting ($275 value)
  • Data incident management with up to $50,000 in breach coverage
  • Unlimited support from a PCI expert
  • Menu pricing for additional PCI related services
Firewall and Router Audits

Firewall and Router Audits

Firewall or router access-control-list (ACL) review and audit.  PCI  1.1.7 requires organizations to review firewall and router configurations at least every six months.  The review gives the organization an opportunity to clean up any unneeded, outdated, or incorrect rules, and ensure that all rule sets allow only authorized services and ports that match the documented business justifications.

InfoSecure will review your organization's firewalls and routers to ensure that only authorized traffic is permitted into and out of sensitive networks.

User access review and audit.  Access levels and accounts tend to change over time.  Organizations need to stay on top of those changes and ensure that user accounts exist only for authorized users and that access levels are established based on user roles.  Finally, user roles must be granted based on business need.

InfoSecure will perform a user access review and audit to help satisfy PCI DSS requirements 8.1, 10.1, 3.5.1, and more.


Other Optional Services

Optional ServiceMenu Price
Out-of-cycle Network Scan (External)$75 per IP address
Out-of-cycle Web Audit$150 per domain
Out-of-cycle Penetration Test$499
Out-of-cycle Risk Assessment$699
Incident Response Services$125 per hour
Policy and Procedure Customization$1999 entire set
Device Configuration Standard Creation$150 per device type
Architecture Review Services$399
Data Flow Diagram Creation$599
Network Device Diagram Creation$599
Disaster Recovery Planning$1899
Other Professional Services$99 per hour