How Does AuditLocker Work?



Avoid the yearly audit scramble.

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How does it work?

AuditLocker operationalizes PCI DSS requirements  and empowers you with expert assistance in identifying, executing, and validating/proving PCI DSS required operational activity.  We keep you on point with specific tasks based on your compliance validation type.  When those tasks produce output, it's reviewed by a QSA, matched to a specific PCI control, and stored in an encrypted vault.  

When it's time to validate compliance, we provide a comprehensive report with all your evidence -- proving that you've integrated security into your operations and have maintained compliance throughout the year.  Plus, there won't be an audit scramble as you gather evidence for your QSA or SAQ.

AuditLocker includes valuable services that will further increase your security maturity and capability:

  • Operationalization of all PCI controls, customized to your organization and validation type
  • Task tracking, audit evidence review, and annual comprehensive PCI report
  • Annual PCI External Penetration Test ($3,000 - $7,000 value)
  • Annual PCI Risk Assessment ($2,400 value)
  • Unlimited access to InfoSecure’s PCI DSS security awareness training program ($590 value)
  • InfoSecure’s PCI Policy Toolkit ($475 value)
  • Quarterly external vulnerability scanning and reporting ($275 value)
  • Data incident management with up to $100,000 in breach coverage
  • Unlimited support from a PCI expert
  • Menu pricing for additional PCI related services